With the arrival of electricity in the late 19th Century, engineering and scientific ingenuity led to new forms of transportation. The first trolley line in Washington County, Maryland was built in 1896 to run from Williamsport to Hagerstown.
A rare glimpse of inside a Trolley. One of the conductors is identified as  Shine Wolford
The Trolley Barn at Williamsport
The water supply from the Conococheague Creek made this location ideal for a steam-powered generating station. After only one year, the popularity of the trolley required more cars and more power. 
A larger power plant was built in 1897 in Hagerstown to meet this demand. This building was then used as a warehouse.
The era of the trolley car ended on August 4, 1947, when the  last trolley car #172 arrived in Williamsport
Perry Dodson was the conductor on the last run of trolley #172. He got into his car, and drove home.

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