The Improved Order of Red Men Tribe at Williamsport, known as the Conococheague Tribe, No. 84 was organized in November 1886. The first elected officers were E. P. Steffey, Prophet; Robert A. DeFrehn, Sachem; Robert Duncan, Senior Sagamore; J. F. Kreps, Junior Sagamore; Wm. H. Z. King, Chief of Records; C. J. Davis, Keeper of Wampum. 

The lodge's first headquarters was at the corner of Potomac and Artizan Streets (now Sheetz's). 
In 1930 the Red Men sold the building to A. W. Barnhart to enlarge his overall and pantaloon factory. 
In January of 1921, The Red Men purchased a two-story brick house at 119 N. Conococheague Street from the trustees of the Williamsport Presbyterian Church.

Circa 1910 Williamsport Red men on Parade in Williamsport

Today, 119 N. Conococheague Street is home to the Williamsport Moose Club. Under all the modern modifications is a mid-1800s brick structure that originally was the Williamsport Presbyterian Church. The Church in Williamsport operated until about 1913. St. Andrews Presbyterian Church was built in Tammany in 1961.
The 1918 Sanborn Map identifies the structure as the former home of the Williamsport Presbyterian Church. 

Williamsport Red Men marching in the opening day parade of the Washington-Berkeley Bridge 1909. The Williamsport History Museum has one of these "Indian" jackets on display. 

Photo from the 1958 Williamsport High School Yearbook.

Let us know if you can identity these gentlemen.

From the 1953 Williamsport High School Yearbook
Harold Domer, Sachem; Raymond Koontz, prophet; Joseph N. Hoffman Sr. sagamore; Lester Nave Junior sagamore; C. A. Myers, Chief of Records; Alton Garmont, asst Chief of Records; Richard Cline, collector of Wampum; Charles Rembakt, first sannap; George Grabbet, second sannap; George McMillon, guard of the wigwam;
John Gray, guard of the forest;    Harold Renner, Guy Kirby, William Turner, John Gray, and George McMillion, Trustees.

Outstanding chromolithograph of a Red Men's certificate of Membership
Rare Photo of Pocahontas 1912, Topeka, KS - Rich Williams, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
Organized in 1885, the Degree of Pocahontas (DoP) is the Women's Auxiliary of The Improved Order of Red Men. 

Today, the Williamsport Red Men Tribe #84 is the largest and most successful Red Men's organization in the United States, with almost 4,000 members. 
In the 1980s, the club purchased land on Lappans Road just outside Williamsport and built a new lodge. The grand opening was in May 1989. 

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