Any town as old as Williamsport has it's share of myths, legends, and tales. Some stories are true, other's just won't go away despite the facts. We present the information as we find it . . . 
The Veiled Lady
Throughout history, the tales of a "veiled lady" has evoked an aura of mystery, death, and romance.
There are at least four 20th century novels featuring a mysterious veiled lady. One of the more famous is Agatha Christie's 1923 novella "the Veiled Lady." 
In Jugtown along South Mountain between Beaver Creek and Smithsburg, the local newspaper reported "A bold, mysterious veiled lady is stirring up Jugtown by bounding out on unsuspecting male residents, giving them an awful hug and then scooting. The late hour habit is on the increase down there." (Hagerstown Mail, June 22, 1906, page 4) Must have been exciting for the local residents>

Sculptures of veiled figures peaked in popularity during the 1700s in Italy, including Raffaelo Monti's famous 1875 marble sculpture. 
In 1929, the nose veil was introduced by Hollywood with Mary Duncan and her famous "nose veil."
Throughout the 1940s and 1950s Gloria Swanson, Greta Garbo, and all the fashion queens made "the veil" a fashion statement.
Williamsport's first report of a "veiled lady" appeared in press in January of 1943. 
By November of 1948, the veiled lady started making regular appearances around Halloween.
In 1953, six local boys were rounded up in "ritualistic gowns of a defunct Williamsport lodge" and sent home with warnings. 
Williamsport - The Nation's Capitol
Almost true. 
Dog digs up baby, Yuck.
Why Williamsport streets are so wide?
General Otho Holland Williams designed the town with exceptionally wide streets in anticipation of the town being designated our nation's capitol. - False. 
The main streets of Williamsport are 80 feet wide, the side streets 60 feet wide. That's huge. The streets were designed wide to accommodate wagon traffic and commerce off the Potomac River. The width of Williamsport's streets is exactly the same as Cumberland, Maryland - another town designed to accommodate wagon and commerce off the Potomac River.  
Williamsport was created in 1787. The idea of becoming the nation's capitol would not occur for another three years.  

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