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The title for oldest Boy Scout Troops in America, organized in 1908, is contested between troops in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Oklahoma. The Williamsport Boy Scout Troop #17 was established May 6, 1914. It is the oldest continuously registered Troop in the State of Maryland, having never lost its charter.
Rev. M. F. Petzold, pastor of the Methodist church, of Williamsport, is arranging to organize a patrol of Boy Scouts in that place. At a preliminary meeting held at the Methodist parsonage on Monday evening, thirty-two boys applied for membership. Rev. Mr. Petzold is enlisting the aid of the other pastors of the town and citizens in the movement." From Hagerstown's Daily Mail, Wednesday, May 6, 1914. At this time, the group did not have a unit number.

Troop #17 first met in a two story green house on the site of  the present little league field. The building they now occupy at the Memorial Park was paid for by troop fundraisers and in-kind donations by community supporters. It is dedicated in 1963 to the memory of William Nathaniel Shipley (1907-1953) who was Scout master for 22 years. Shipley was a police officer, magistrate, and Justice of the Peace for the town of Williamsport.

Troop 17 and Sea Scout Ship, Decatour, Williamsport, MD
Troop 17 and Sea Scout Ship, Decatour, Williamsport, MD
Williamsport Troop #17 and Sea Scout Ship, Decatour

Several form and current members of Troop 17 in Williamsport gathered to celebrate the troop's 100-year anniversary 2014. Front row, from left, Colten Matheny, Matt Boger, Patrick May, Trinity Souders, Brandon Dillman, Daniel Carew and Garrett Landman. Row two, George Stumbaugh, Ben McKee, George "Bus" Knode, Joe Byers, Don Harsh, John Bloyer, and Bob Moncrief. Row three, Dave Siecker, John Davidson, Chris Lunsford, Justin Ardinger, Tim Siecker, Bobby Omncrief, Chris South, Zach Boger, and Colton Shipley. Row four, Seth Funk, Bryan Hout, Colton Hammond, Eric Speilman, Chris Sylvain, John South, Chris South II, Ben Siebert, and Matt Landman. Back row, Terry Hammond, Randy Shirley, Jay Nase, Mark Sylvain, Jeff Boger, Jay Lauver, Darrell Hout, Brad Dillman, and Ralph Young.  

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