The Potomac Public Service Company at Williamsport built the town's first power plant at a cost of $2,500,000 and electric power transmissions began in the fall of 1923.  
In March of 1946, Potomac Edison Company under the supervision of President R. Paul Smith began construction of a massive addition to the plant that was estimated to provide an additional 35,000 kilowatts (47,000 horsepower). The addition was completed in October of 1947 at a cost of $4,500,000. The plant was christened the "R. Paul Smith Power Plant." 
On January 26, 2012 FirstEnergy announced the plant would closed due to the cost of retrofitting the plant to comply with environmental regulations set to take effect in 2015. The R. Paul Smith station was one of six FirstEnergy stations retired in 2012. In its last year the plant was operated intermittently. FirstEnergy ceased plant operations on September 1, 2012
Cemetery Hill before the Power Plant. Left to Right: Dude Preston, Bert Mallott, Ed Sharer, Rusty Garrish
The first water-fueled power plant began generating electricity for Williamsport and the surrounding area in 1923.
The power plant dam quickly became a favorite fishing hole for locals. 
Construction of the Potomac Edison addition was completed in the fall of 1947. 
Despite being a very modern facility, the power plant at Williamsport was not immune to the power of the Potomac River when she floods. The 1936 flood pictured here left thousands without power and fresh water.
Some of the Power Plant workers at the IBEW Spring Frolic. April 16, 1953. Harvey Jamison, Dallas Waters, Pete Knode, Short Spangler, Leroy Moore

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