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Although it's on the south side of the Potomac River, the history of Falling Water WV  has always been entwined with the history of Williamsport. As early as 1741 Evan Watkins' (1709-1765) was gliding his ferry over the Potomac from Virginia to Maryland (he received a license from the Virginia House of Burgess in 1744).  Watkins is reported to have been the builder of the home known as "Maidstone-on-the-Potomac". During the French & Indian War, Colonel George Washington was commander of Fort Maidstone directly across from the mouth of the Conococheague Creek. 
In January of 1823 Washington County Delegate Drury petitioned the Maryland House to establish a ferry on the Potomac "opposite the Falling Waters." A few years later in 1827 John Kisinger ran an advertisement for a capable school teacher for the Honey Wood School at Falling Waters, Berkeley County, Va.

Falling Waters Mill about 1880. The bridge was built about 1870. 
Reportedly established as a town in Berkeley County in 1815, there actually are "falling Waters" at Falling Waters, WV. 
The Nestle Quarry in Falling Waters was owned and operated by John F. Wagner of Marlowe. Nothing remains of the quarry today but this exceptional photo. 
The Potomac Park Meeting Grounds operated by the Assemblies of God Church has been a lively Christian camp at Falling Waters since the 1920s. 
From June of 1949.
Down by Riverside, Potomac Park, Falling Water, WV
Down by Riverside, Potomac Park, Falling Water, WV

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